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Shania by ShaunJersey Shania by ShaunJersey
This is Shania, a Timber Wolf that lives at the Lakota Wolf Preserve in New Jersey. Shania is sorta special because she was addopted as a puppy by a pack of Alaskan Wolves , and lives with them instead of living in one of the two Timber Wolf yards. (A huge fenced in peace of forest that supports about 7 to 10 wolves)

The Wolf Preserve was probably one of the most incredable photographic (and just general) experiances of my life. My girlfriend Katie and I got to go into this place and get face to face shooting time with 24 wolves. Some people might think that a wolf is just a wild dog, but to actually spend time with these wolves. They are so intelegent, and so social. A dog is smart but these things are so much more. Each one of them is so individual, there really is no such thing as a "typical wolf". And they're alot bigger than they seem on The Discovery Channel. An avarage wolf is easily equal to a BIG German Sheaperd. And even when they are on the other side of a fence, when they get pissed off, its really pretty intimedating.

Anyway, The whole experiance was great.

enjoy the photos.
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x7shimmer7x Featured By Owner May 31, 2006
awesome shot ... the one thing i noticed (and remember) from when i went there, is how a few of the animals actually gave eye contact... which this picture kind of reminded me of because she looks like shes staring right at the camera, and it shows how intelligent they are.
Onorok Featured By Owner May 30, 2006
Beautiful animal, what a treat to be able to shoot one. What was it like being around all those wolves? We're you on the other side of a fence, or face to face? I'd love to be able to be around a pack of wolves like that. Cool stuff man.

ShaunJersey Featured By Owner May 30, 2006
i was on the other side of a fence, with large shooting holes cut in it. But its increadable. They come right up under the hole to see what you're all about. They seemed friendly, but we were warned not to touch them becuase they ARE wild animals, and they only respond well to the few people that care for them. The ones in this yard that Shania was in were alot more friendly then the ones in the two yards on the other side of the area, they were alot more wild and growled a bit when we aproached their fences. I've got some shots of them too, and I'l put them up with-in the next few days. But when u come up to jersey we should definatly go back there. If we take the extended demonstration they have foxes and bob-cats too. But I g2g now, so get in touch with me when u are coming to jersey.
Tanager Featured By Owner May 29, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
Oh... she looks so soft and sweet. What's the zoom you're lookin' at here?
ShaunJersey Featured By Owner May 29, 2006
she was about 20 feet from me.
ShaunJersey Featured By Owner May 29, 2006
and she was the shy one, the rest of her pack was alot closer.
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